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Distinguished and Famous people from The Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast region in South Australia has been home to numerous distinguished individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields. Here, we highlight just a few of the many famous people born in or associated with this remarkable region.

1. Sir Robert Helpmann

Sir Robert Helpmann (1909-1986) was a renowned Australian dancer, actor, and choreographer. Born in Mount Gambier in the Limestone Coast region, Helpmann gained international acclaim for his ballet performances with the Sadler's Wells Ballet (now the Royal Ballet) in the United Kingdom. He is also well-known for his roles in several iconic films, including "The Red Shoes" (1948) and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (1968).

2. Dame Edith Dornwell

Dame Edith Dornwell (1881-1955) was a pioneer in the field of nursing and healthcare. She was born in Naracoorte, a town in the Limestone Coast. Dornwell dedicated her life to improving healthcare services and education in South Australia and played a significant role in nursing training during World War I. For her exceptional contributions, she was awarded the Royal Red Cross and appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

3. John Riddoch

John Riddoch (1827-1901) was a Scottish-born Australian entrepreneur and pastoralist. Although he was not born in the Limestone Coast, Riddoch played a pivotal role in the development of the region. He established the Penola Fruit Colony and played a significant role in promoting viticulture in Coonawarra. Riddoch's efforts led to Coonawarra becoming one of Australia's premier wine regions, renowned for its exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon.

4. Tansell Parnemann

Tansell Parnemann (born 1975) is an accomplished artist and sculptor from the Limestone Coast region. Known for his unique and innovative art installations, Parnemann has received recognition both nationally and internationally. His captivating sculptures often incorporate natural materials found in the Limestone Coast, reflecting the region's beauty and rich history.

5. Mary Lee

Mary Lee (1821-1909) was a suffragist and an advocate for women's rights. Although not born in the Limestone Coast, Lee spent a significant portion of her life in the region. She was a prominent figure in the South Australian suffrage movement and played a crucial role in ensuring women gained the right to vote and run for parliament in South Australia. Lee's tireless efforts and determination serve as an inspiration to this day.

6. Benita Collings

Benita Collings (born 1942) is an Australian actress and presenter. Born in Naracoorte, she is best known for her role as a presenter on the iconic children's television program "Play School" from 1969 to 1999. Collings was a beloved figure on Australian television, bringing joy and education to countless young viewers throughout her career.

7. Rick Davies

Rick Davies (born 1944) is a musician and the founder of the internationally acclaimed rock band Supertramp. While not born in the Limestone Coast, Davies spent his formative years in Mount Gambier. From humble beginnings, Davies went on to create timeless hits such as "Give a Little Bit" and "The Logical Song," cementing his place in the history of rock music.

8. Grant Doyle

Grant Doyle (born 1974) is an operatic baritone hailing from the Limestone Coast. With a powerful voice and captivating stage presence, Doyle has performed in leading roles with renowned opera companies worldwide. His talent and dedication have earned him critical acclaim, making him one of Australia's most celebrated operatic artists.

9. Meg Hawken

Meg Hawken (born 1944) is an accomplished artist and author. Raised in Millicent, a town in the Limestone Coast, Hawken has achieved success through her exquisite artwork, primarily focusing on landscapes and seascapes. Her paintings have been exhibited widely, showcasing the region's natural beauty and capturing the imagination of art lovers around the world.

10. Sir Douglas Nicholls

Sir Douglas Nicholls (1906-1988) was a prominent Indigenous Australian leader, athlete, and pastor. Although he was not born in the Limestone Coast, Nicholls spent a considerable part of his life in the region and is highly regarded for his tireless advocacy for Aboriginal rights. He was the first Indigenous Australian to be knighted and served as the Governor of South Australia from 1976 to 1977.

These are just a few examples of the remarkable individuals associated with the Limestone Coast in South Australia. Their contributions to various fields, including arts, culture, sports, and social causes, have left a lasting impact and continue to inspire future generations.

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